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Why I read the Local Newspaper Every Day

Why I read the Local Newspaper Every Day

I just got off from an hour-long phone conversation with a gentleman from NYC. He and his partner are planning to move here this year. They had a LOT of questions.

After I had answered their questions and possibly went off on some “Asheville Ambassador type comments (I came here from NYC 11 years ago and I don’t mind sharing why I’m passionate about living here), I asked them why they called me to discuss their possible move and home purchase. He said it because of the NYC connection but that he had also talked to another agent prior to contacting me. He pointed out that I was able to update them on the latest news regarding the Duke power plant changes in Arden, talked knowledgeably about the farm to table movement, and more. The bottom line, they could find information about houses from any agent. I was the one who explained the area to them and what is actually going on vs. what they found on the Internet.

Why was that? I read my local newspaper every single day. Yes, I get headlines from the Internet and TV sources. But that’s not good enough. I want to know what happened at town meetings (if I can’t attend), why the city doesn’t do this or that,

I know everyone says newspapers and print is dead. I really hate that. I grew up seeing my grandfather and my father read the paper every single day. As a kid, I imitated them. I started with the comics first, moved on the advice columns and then as an adult, to the news. I rarely miss a day.

Nothing has helped me more in m business than being able to help people understand what’s happening in Asheville and the area surrounding it. They appreciate that and need that. I read for my own knowledge, but I’m thrilled when my buyers appreciate my knowledge and helpful information.